"Rock'n'roll is nothing but the ever-repeating past", said Mick Jagger. Shiny jackets, patterned kimonos,low-cut silk blouses and, in addition, the unmistakable blue eye shadow - with his unmistakable and uncompromising look, the lead singer of the Rolling Stones not only shaped an entire fashion era in the Wild Seventies, it was also he who forever linked rock'n'roll and androgyny.

lala Berlin translates this spirit into the here and now with the spring-summer collection 2023 "Start me up": History with the present, eccentricity with nonchalance, glamour with rock'n'roll, masculine with feminine - designer Leyla Piedayesh plays with opposites and brings them to new life with her creations.

"The collection stands for authenticity and pure joie de vivre," summarizes Leyla Piedayesh. It is simply about appreciating the present moment and feeling comfortable in it, just as you are and far away from conventions - according to Jagger's credo "Life is a fashion statement".