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How is the value of of the items I am sending back calculated?

For items bought online at the lala Berlin webshop, the voucher will be 20% of the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). Meaning, if the RRP is ie. 300 EURO the voucher value will be 60 EURO.
For items bought in other channels, ie. at a retailer will there be issued a voucher based on a value per category. Currently the following categories are active with values:
Dresses: 50 EURO
Outerwear: 50 EURO
Bottoms: 40 EURO
Knitwear: 40 EURO
Sweat wear: 30 EURO
Blouses: 40 EURO


When will I receive my voucher value for the traded-in items?

You will receive the value shortly after we have confirmation that it is handed in at the post office. After the confirmation there will be sent a voucher value code to you, which you can use immediately


Are there any maximum on how many items there can be traded-in?

No, there is no maximum number of items to be sent in.



Are there a minimum requirements or requirements for what the voucher value can be used for?

There is a minimum purchase requirement on 100 EURO in total before you can use your voucher, ie. if you are buying items for 120 EURO in total, and the voucher value is 80 EURO, your payment is 40 EURO. The voucher can be used on lala forever or new items, up to you.



What happens if I use my voucher value and return an item?

When the item is received at our warehouse, you will get a new voucher code with the value of the voucher.


Who is paying for the freight when I trade-in items?

All freight is handled by lala Berlin. You will receive a list of nearest DHL package shops in your area where you can hand-in the package.



Are there guarantee and return rights on lala forever items?

All lala forever items are carrying the same guarantee and return rights as new items. All lala forever items will have a return label included in the package.



Can I buy a lala forever and a new item in the same shopping basket?

Yes – you will then receive 2 packages instead of one. You will only pay for freight once.
If your questions are not answered here, please do not hesitate call our customer service.

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