our Founder and Creative Director, Leyla Piedayesh

Leyla Piedayesh embodies the international essence of lala Berlin. Born in Iran, Leyla and her family migrated to Germany in 1979 after the Islamic Revolution. Integrating into German society, Leyla has thrived in international fashion since founding lala Berlin with a range of knitwear, and has become one of the most successful fashion designers to emerge from the German capital.

“So much of my heart and soul is poured into my collections. If you want to know and understand me and where I’ve come from, you don’t need to look any further than my designs. Through lala Berlin, I aim to represent a rich cultural diversity, and a vision of love and togetherness that transcends borders, language and appearance. lala Berlin is for everyone and I’ve made it my mission to share this with the world.” - Leyla Piedayesh, Founder & Creative Director.


Premium cashmere accessories designed for everyday luxury

lala Berlin triangles are a brand staple; premium, made from 100% cashmere and adorned in Arabic-inspired prints. These statement items have been an integral part of the lala Berlin story since the very beginning.

The lala Berlin triangle is intrinsically linked to our Founder & Creative Director’s vision and heritage. Premium cashmere and thoughtfully designed - triangles are a part of our brand DNA.

The inspiration for these pieces is informed by Leyla’s childhood in Iran, where she grew up around the eclectically printed, artisanal fabrics. Leyla and her design team translate these inspirations into modern iterations of her vivid childhood memories.

From the beginning, it was important to Leyla that our triangles are a true representation of lala Berlin: luxury with a casual, easy-to-wear sensibility. To fulfill these criteria, we work closely with two cashmere suppliers to produce the highest quality products: a luxury Italian yarn supplier, and a local cashmere vendor in Inner Mongolia, the home of premium cashmere.

Our cashmere partner in Mongolia is certified by the SFA (Sustainable Fibre Alliance). They promote the SFA Cashmere Standard to encourage the adoption of responsible production practices that minimize environmental impact, safeguard herder livelihoods and meet high animal welfare standards.

Just like us, our suppliers are dedicated to production quality, combined with the latest technologies, providing the softest cashmere you can cherish for years to come.

Historically, our triangles have been screen printed by hand, creating a premium, almost artisanal feel. Some of our most recent triangles included digital printing. This technique allows us to introduce more colors, shading and intricacies to the designs. Both printing techniques have beautiful and unique values.

Each season we create three Triangle patterns in three colorways. When creating the patterns, we consider the theme of the season, and then translate quintessentially lala patterns into seasonal iterations.

lala Berlin Triangles are designed seasonally but can be worn year-round. All Triangle colorways are muted and tonal variations of bright colors. We turn pink, blue, purple and green into wearable and casual year-round pieces. Making them a versatile investment that can be worn as an everyday accessory or used for an extra layer in the colder months.